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An excerpt of the advantages of the click and stone® laying system:

    • Installation is easy and reversible through glueless and groutless laying.
    • Extremely sturdy natural stone with only 18 mm thickness. That also means minimal surface load.
    • Sound absorbing. At the same time, the impression of a solid “regular” stone floor is preserved.
    • Suitable for almost all even floors.
    • Can be laid directly on standard foam sheeting.
    • Accessible immediately after laying.
    • Suitable for floor heating and bathrooms.
    • Available in a wide variety of high-quality natural stones and surface structures, from marble to limestone to granite.

Technical information on click and stone®.

Base: screed, wood, firm old covering (parquet, ceramics etc.)
Evenness: according to DIN 18 202 ( = 3 mm/m or 9 mm/4m)
Bedding: standard foam sheeting - sound improvement to manufacturer’s specification
Types: nearly all types of natural stone (cf. standard materials list)
Surfaces: polished, brushed, sandblasted, flamed
Formats: 600 x 300, 400 x 400, 500 x 500, 600 x 600 mm (further formats on request)
Strengths: 18 mm (other thicknesses available on request)
Weight: approximately 45 kg/sqm
Tools: hammer, hammer block, iron pull bar, installation springs, diamond disc saw
Accessories: skirting consisting of identical stone, transitory profiles, led floor lighting
Laying performance: approximately 10-15 sqm per hour
Accessibility: immediately after laying, no grouting necessary
Expansion joints: expansion joints not necessary - fill the rim joints with natural stone silicone
Reversibility: system can be removed without leaving residue and can be re-used
Dampness: if laid neatly, the covering is water-resistant
Care: clean with a damp mop using neutral soap or stone care product according to manufacturer’s information
Sealing: use special product following manufacturer’s instructions
Floor heating: suitable up to 60°C
Packaging: on euro pallets (about 1.000 kg)